Would You Like that Your Paintings Look so Realistic that People Want to Touch Them?

Many times an image worth more than 1000 words...



Dear friend, mate or future artist,

Greetings from my workshop and thank you for your visit to my site.


Nacho Quiroga

(Argentinean plastic artist and author of the book: "How to paint with oil")


It’s so easy to recognize if a painting was made by a professional artist or by an amateur.




¡Of course it is!


You can notice it in the hardness of the image, its Perspective, Lights, Shadows, Framing, Balance and many other "Little things" that some people disregard, but they make the "Big Difference"



My purpose in writing this book is providing technical support and Basic Fundamentals in the Art of Painting, both for those who are starting and those who already have knowledge.


Let you know these "small details" that enrich the work and other aspects that make it stand out from the rest and look so fine that people even want to touch it...


Imagine for a moment that painting is something that comes out of you, that Entertains you and that makes you feel Truly Amazed...


...Without thinking in theories or painting techniques...


Just Being able to reproduce in the canvas your Feeling and Experience…



…That would be nice right...?



Well, that’s exactly why I decided to write:


“How to paint with oil”


This book was made in a digital PDF file, so you can download it to your computer and
Start reading it in the exact moment that you bought it, it does not matter where you live or what time it is in your country. Without freight waits. Even if it’s 3 AM!


Also this book offers a detailed explanation of how I paint my own paintings, based in the experience and analysis of many years, Technique and Style.



¿Who am I and how may I help you?


Well, Actually I’m living from art, I’m an Art teacher and I have a workshop in Cordoba, Argentina where I have been teaching Classical Realism for more than 4 years with over 100 students with Incredible results! I’ve exposed and sold my art in my country and outside of it. 


But It wasn’t the same in the past...


Since I was a child I liked art, probably because my father José Manuel Quiroga gave me this gift from father to son. This passion was growing inside me since I was very little when circumstances of life made me get out of school and start working for my father’s company where we used to make films the whole day and night... 


Through the years, together with the TV, graphic arts came to my life which under my father instructions expanded my knowledge in many aspects. But this passion remained inside me, so when I was 26 (1975) I left home to live my own life, continue my professional and artistic career as a photographer, doing photography and expositions together. That’s how I learned through the years how to do things without theory but with practice and mistake, even without the basic skills that school should have gave me. 


I begin to paint as an autodidact, I make some works with simple paint, pencil and watercolors, I was always being motivated by friends and artists like Axel Amuchástegui and others. But in spite of the enthusiasm of all of them for my works, my ambitions and self-criticism, far yet, live painting and even know how to paint very well... 


In the 80’s I started to expose simultaneously photographs and paintings until 1996, year where I interrupted my career because of work and another passion which was Alternative tourism (as a guide).


In 2005, I returned to painting and I decided to work definitely in the fascinating world of the oil painting


From there and until now, I'm in a constant and permanent learning and "Auto Training" always guided by the outlook on life that I had since childhood and that made the Analysis and understanding of things be something very personal ... 



Those days I made one of my best paintings inspired in my own Mother…



"Matilde La Tejedora"


With all this said I want to demonstrate you that YOU can start right NOW painting well even without any experience and get excellent results. It’s just a matter of understanding things in a different way...



...That’s the purpose of my book! Help you find That way of understanding...



Opinions from Nacho Quiroga’s students

With my book “How to paint with oil”, you will be able to:

Learn about Classic Realism

Begin to master your hands

View things from another point of view

Balance your works

Combine colors correctly

Make better perspectives

Give a better Volume to your paintings

Understand Lights and Shadows

And much, much more…



Download it in PDF right now, even if it’s 3 AM...

This book is compose of:


Chapter 1:  In this chapter we will learn everything about the motif of your painting.

How to choose the theme and the motif.

How is to paint realism? Decide between painting from photography or not. Even how to customize your work and give it a personal touch...


Chapter 2: In this chapter we’ll talk all about the support for your work.

Proportions, sizes, What kind of support should I use?, How to adjust the stretcher and How to prepare the Canvas, The role of the White Layer, The background color and its influence in the work, Final Aspect and texture of the canvas And much more…


Chapter 3: In this chapter we’ll learn all about the sketch of the work.

Decide what sketch to use between all the existing methods. How to customize it and give it our personal touch. And also how to balance and frame the work.


Chapter 4: In this chapter we will learn about the first hand work.

We’ll talk about oil, its thinners and mediums. How to prepare well the palette. How to avoid cracks in the painting. Background and more...


Chapter 5: In this chapter we will learn about the second hand work.

We learn to look, analyze and then paint. Highlight the atmosphere in a painting. Look for visual impact in the work. Lights and Shadows. Contrast types. Principal motif and more...


Chapter 6: In this chapter you learn about final touches and tips.

How to Analyze and Self-criticize your own work. Highlight impact lights. Deepen some shadows. How to sing the work correctly. Be careful with the brushes and more...


Probably you are wondering about the price of the book:

"How to paint with oil" Right?

Before answering that question, let me tell you something:

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If you buy and read “How to paint with oil” and you find that its content isn’t good or good quality, I’m going to refund you ALL the money you paid without asking anything and without any complication…


I’m sure this Book Is going to be very helpful to you and here is my Guarantee Certificate




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I wish that you can enjoy this material and find useful information in my book.




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